Use with Betfair and or Bookies!!!

The method has produced many winners at large odds such as: 

38.0 (37/1), 37.0 (36/1), 36.0 (35/1), 30.0 (29/1), 28.0 (27/1), 27.0 (26/1), 23.0 (22/1)


Is this a STUPID SYSTEM....... Ian almost said that!!




2014 Update on Results:

386 Points Profit in First 7 Months


You can see the day by day action, longest losing days is

7, longest winning run is 5 days.

Biggest winning day is 53.70 points on 29th November.

Biggest Losing Day was 29.60 Points twice so far.




Start of the New 2014 Season



We can see on the above summary and graph that in the 2012/13 season all leagues made a profit using Global Soccer Goals.

In the 2013/2014, International and England are in a small loss situation..

Standout league is the Internationals.

Now, what does the 1008 points mean?

Simple, if you bet a pound (euro, dollar) on every bet, you would have made over the 15 months of results shown above you would have made, £1,008.00 profit.

If you bet £5.00 a bet, you would have made £5,040 profit in the 15 months.

And if you bet £10 a bet, a healthy £10,080

Now, I know what you are thinking, is it hard to get the selections? NO

Is it time consuming? NO

Will I get the same selections to bet that we do? YES

This method uses the Correct Score Method, so you can use it on the bookies, and that is where you will get the best returns.

Betfair only can now be used also.

If you use only Betfair you will miss some of the better returns, as I say they don"t cover all score options.

Bank Requirements..

Now one important factor to successful betting in keeping and managing a betting bank.  A betting bank for Global Soccer Goals is important, and depending on how many leagues your betting on should determine its size. 

I'd recommend that 50 points per league should be more than adequate, obviously the better they start off then the less you'll need (e.g. if you started off with a run of winners and were +30 points in profit after a couple of weeks, then the 50 point bank will become less relevant as you'd be quite far in profit early on).  However, a couple of leagues may have results that are more up and down (like the Spanish La Liga for example) and may require you to keep a 50 point bank.

Keeping a separate bank for each league is a good idea.

On the 2012/13 England Soccer, we spent 200 points to make 80 points profit, that is 40% return on money invested.

And 48% of the games we bet on we won. In the English League.

Here are the complete strike rates per game.


Return on Investment.

As you can see above, Last Season,great returns.

And this season is 11 months old, very nice returns






Since 14th July 2012 its made +883 points profit betting across various leagues (some doing better than others).

The method has produced many winners at large odds such as: 38.0 (37/1), 37.0 (36/1), 36.0 (35/1), 30.0 (29/1), 28.0 (27/1), 27.0 (26/1), 23.0 (22/1)

It uses the correct score market (you know I love betting in this market) and has over a 50% strike rate (around 54-55% currently) - so no long huge losing runs. We bet on 5 scores per match.

Can be used all year round, and each league usually gives no more than one or two selections per week (some leagues may even go a few weeks without any selections).

The sites you need to use are totally FREE.


What you are purchasing. This is an exe file (needs windows to view it.)

1. The selection method of the games to play. (Takes less that 30 seconds most days, 60 seconds on busy days.)

2. The correct scores that you need to bet each game ( 5 bets on each game that meets the criteria) that my friend is the longest part of the system, to place the bets, maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

You need access to bookies that bet correct score, you can use Betfair only if you wish, new section added to the manual.

Will not work for USA residents unless your bookie has correct scores, not under and over.




What are they saying?



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